“I’m a custom motorcycle builder”

November 06, 2020 by Dan Green

We interviewed Scott Halblieb, owner of H Garage in Louisville, Kentucky. Scott shares his story with us, and talks about the business of custom motorcycle fabrication.

Scott Halblieb: Custom Motorcycle Builder

This is the story of Scott Halblieb, and how he came to start a business. Scott is the owner and founder of H Garage in Louisville, Kentucky.

Pay attention to how Scott talks about leaving his corporate job, opening his retirement account, then using the money to fund his business. It was a decision he didn’t take lightly.

Ultimately, he realized that using his 401k money to fund his business was his best path forward.

“I mean, I love what I do,” he says. “Or, I wouldn’t have taken such so much risk to do it.” Calculated risks are part of entrepreneurship.

Watch more from Scott Halblieb, who has one of the Coolest Jobs in America.

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