“I’m A Cooking Magazine Test Kitchen Manager”

November 06, 2020 by Dan Green

We interviewed Juli Roberts, Test Kitchen Manager of Rodale Publications in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Juli shares her story, and talks about the business of working in a magazine Test Kitchen.

Juli Roberts: Test Kitchen Manager For Cooking Magazines

This is the story of Juli Roberts and her job as Test Kitchen Manager at Rodale Publications in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

Rodale Publications publishes a number of well-circulated magazines including Runner’s World, Organic Life, Prevention Magazine, and Men’s Health and Women’s Health; and these magazines frequently share recipes with their readers.

As Test Kitchen Manager, Juli’s team is behind the writing, developing, and testing of the recipes sent to print.

My job,” Juli says, “is to help anyone take up this recipe, and make it appear in front of themselves within twenty to thirty minutes.”

In the interview, she suggests that people who interested in a test kitchen job get started with culinary school or journalism school — either is suitable. And, she’s also eager to share that her background was in engineering.

Before culinary school, Juli worked on submarines.

Watch the entire interview with Juli Roberts, Test Kitchen Manager, who has one of the Coolest Jobs In America.

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