“I’m The President Of A Craft Tequila Company”

November 06, 2020 by Dan Green

Jenna Fagnan is the president of Avión Tequila, a crafts spirits company based in New York City and Jesus Maria, Mexico. Hear from Jenna about why she quit her “cushy corporate job”, and why she’s got no regrets.

Jenna Fagnan: Tequila Company President

This is the story of Jenna Fagnan, President of Avión Tequila, and the successful tequila company she started against the advance of her peers.

Prior to Avión, Jenna ran the champagne business for LVMH, which includes the iconic Dom Perignon brand. Her team included dozens of people and Jenna had two assistants of her own.

When she left to launch Avión, it was just Jenna and her partner. They sat in a makeshift office in a closet of their PR agency, selling product door-to-door to restaurants and to liquor stores.

“Every morning, ” she says, “there was something that felt like this is exactly what I should be doing. I’ve never regretted it for a moment.”

A big part of the Avión brand is its people. A dedicated team of twenty work in its New York City headquarters at 49th and 3rd; there’s a team in an office in Florida; and, of course, there are the people of Jesus Maria, Mexico, from where Avión sources its agave.

Avión is deeply ingrained in the city of Jesus Maria and employs many people there. Jenna speaks with them daily, checking in on production, and supply, and making sure that the company’s jimadors get what they need.

When she quit her job at LVMH, people questioned Jenna for leaving a cushy, corporate job. She listened to her gut, though, and has had no regrets whatsoever.

“Everyone told us no. They told us we were crazy. And, we’re so glad we didn’t listen.”

Hear more from Jenna Fagnan, who has one of the coolest jobs in America.

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