“I’m An Urban Farmer In Williamsburg, Brooklyn”

November 08, 2020 by Dan Green

Phil Cuddeback is an Urban Farmer, growing and producing food in a heavily-populated city; and, a mentor to other Urban Farmers in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Phil Cuddeback: Urban Farmer

This is the story of Phil Cuddeback, Head Farmer at Square Roots, an urban farming company in the heart of Brooklyn in New York City; and the journey of Phil’s career.

Phil didn’t always plan to be a farmer. He once studied to be a veterinarian. A round with livestock, however, moved him away from veterinary medicine and toward food and farming.

After a stint in Alaska, Phil moved to Boston and worked for two years within a company that modifies real-world shipping containers, then uses hydroponic agriculture to turn their interiors into working, vertical farms in a crowded city environment.

From there, he moved to Nicaragua to get off the grid.

“I wanted to work on a permaculture farm and learn what it’s like to grow fruit trees; and, what it’s like to not have any machinery.”

Phil’s breadth of experience puts him in an excellent position as a senior Urban Farmer and a mentor to others, which is the exact role he fills at Square Roots, an urban farming accelerator.

“Part of what Square Roots is doing is exposing people to how food is grown, to make them think about that, and to help them learn.”

Hear more from Phil Cuddeback, who has one of the coolest jobs in America.

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