“I’m A Podcast Host”

November 06, 2020 by Dan Green

Steph Simbari is a podcast host based in Los Angeles, California. Hear how Steph found her niche, why she recorded 11 episodes before releasing her first one, and how she and her co-host Elizabeth keep themselves aligned.

Steph Simbari: Podcast Host

Meet Steph Simbari, an actress, comedian, and podcast host living in Los Angeles, California. Steph’s podcast, That’s So Retrograde, which she co-hosts with Elizabeth Kott, lives in the cross-section of wellness and pop culture.

In the 3 years since its launch, the podcast and its concept have evolved.

“When [Elizabeth] and I started the podcast,” Steph says, “we felt like there was all this incredible information out there, but we weren’t connecting with the way that it was being delivered to us.”

“So, we made it.”

And, with more than 150 episodes published, Steph is quick to share some of what she’s learned as a  podcast host. Namely, about the power of human connection.

“One of our most listened-to episodes is [an interview] with No Tox Life,” Steph shares. “They make toxic-free deodorants and soaps. I found them at the Farmers Market.”

The success of the episode surprised her. “That episode that took us to the top, and got us on iTunes New and Noteworthy. No one would have thought that.”

But, Steph says, the episode connected with listeners and changed the trajectory of the show. It didn’t take a celebrity — just honesty and authenticity.

Steph carries those lessons into her podcast partnership. She and Elizabeth attend relationship counseling to help take care of each other in the best way possible.

“By understanding each other, we work through things to [emerge] stronger.”

It helps to have a good attitude, too.

Steph approaches life with an openness that has suited her career and her show.

“The best life hack is to just start, and try to learn as you go. Over time, you’ll start to feel like you know what you’re doing.” And, then, when the inevitable curveball comes: “Adapt.”

Hear more from Steph Simbari, who has one of the coolest jobs in America.

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