“I’m A Keyboardist & Touring Musician With A Band”

November 07, 2020 by Dan Green

Aron Magner is a Touring Musician; the keyboardist of jam-band mainstays and festival hosts The Disco Biscuits. Join us as Aron takes us through life with the band; playing with his friends; and, his lifelong connection with the fans.

Aron Magner: Touring Musician

This is the story of Aron Magner, a two-decade touring musician and the keyboardist for the genre-bending jam band, The Disco Biscuits.

Aron is a founding member of The Disco Biscuits, formed in Philadelphia in 1995 while Aron and his bandmates were in college. Aron has also played keyboards in side projects including Electron, Conspirator, and Billy & the Kids.

He plays dozens of live shows each year.

“The most creative energy that I get is from our live performances,” he says. “To feed off the energy of the crowd, and have that symbiotic relationship personified in the music [is special].”

To capture more of that energy, Magner and his Disco Biscuit bandmates hosted the first Camp Bisco in 1999. The festival aimed to combine the forces of electronica and improvisational rock.

Today, Camp Bisco is an annual three-day event that features more than 70 bands and 20,000 fans.

“Camp Bisco bridges the gap between electronic music and rock music,” Magner says, “which, at the heart of it, is the entire ethos of the Disco Biscuits.”

He also celebrates the role of The Disco Biscuit fans in the lives of members of the band. “Our fans are rabid and loyal. The community in the culture is really at the heart of what the Disco Biscuits are.”

Hear more from Aron Magner, who has one of the coolest jobs in America.

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