“I’m A Celebrity Personal Assistant”

November 08, 2020 by Dan Green

April Hartsfield is a Celebrity Personal Assistant in Los Angeles, California. Join us as April takes us through her days, her mindset, and what types of people are perfect for careers as a personal assistant.

April Hartsfield: Celebrity Personal Assistant

This is the story of April Hartsfield, personal assistant to celebrities in Los Angeles, California; and the journey of April’s career.

She always knew she’d be most happy with a career in the Arts.

“My passion is nurturing creativity,” April says. “I’ve always attracted really artsy people and part of my job as a Personal Assistant is helping [creatives] organize to be the best creative person they can be.”

It helps to be adaptable.

As a celebrity personal assistant, it’s April job to move fluidly among industries and employers. She’s worked with with Grammy-winning musicians, touring artist managers, and in the clothing industry, among others.

And, she learns new skills in every role, which helps her to be even better in her job.

“I’ve learned organizational skills because everybody requires something different. I never even really had any experience with photography,” she says.

The learning and constant evolving is what keeps the job fun.

“People get into [personal assistant roles] for different reasons. I did it because of the creativity and I think that the people that I work for appreciate that because I’m not using the job to maybe get a book deal, or try to be a famous actress, or anything like that.

“This is what I do. I’m a career assistant.”

Hear more from April Hartsfield, who has one of the coolest jobs in America.

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