“I’m A Cartoon Voiceover Actor”

November 06, 2020 by Dan Green

Meet Carlos Alazraqui, a cartoon Voiceover Actor in Hollywood with over 300 credits to his name. Carlos is known for his roles with Disney and Nickelodeon, and for his work as the Taco Bell Chihuahua. Carlos shares his story, how he got into voice acting, and what it’s like to be a working actor in Los Angeles.

Carlos Alazraqui: Voiceover Actor in Hollywood

This is the story of Carlos Alazraqui and his work as a voiceover actor in Hollywood.

In his career, Carlos has given life to more than 200 animated characters including:

  • Skylar from Elena of Avalor
  • Mr. and Mrs Crocker of The Fairly OddParents
  • Rocko of Rocko’s Modern Life

He also voiced the cultural touchstone Taco Bell Chihuahua, spawning a nation of people who declared, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell.”

“Voice acting,” Carlos says, “is the art of disguising your voice so that somebody who meets you in person wouldn’t know that it’s you that does the character.”

“Voice actors are like studio jazz musicians.”

A New York native, Carlos didn’t know that he wanted to pursue acting. And, the story of how he landed his first big role — Rocky in Rocko’s Modern Life — is an interesting one. In order to keep that first gig and get new ones, though, Carlos knew he’d have to up his game.

Promptly, Carlos enrolled in workshops and became a student of the craft. “I learned how to take a natural skill,” Carlos says, “and harness it and hone it so that I could get more jobs.”

Carlos also offers advice to aspiring voice actors of all ages: “It’s important for people that are aspiring voice actors to know that it’s a really wonderful journey. And, there’s always room for somebody new.”

Watch the entire interview with Carlos Alazraqui, a voice actor with one of the coolest jobs in America.

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