The Key To Protecting Your New House Is Literally A Key

February 18, 2020 by Dan Green

When you change residences, the key to protecting your new house and the safety of your loved ones is, literally, a key.

Hire a locksmith and re-key your house on move-in day.

Remember: you get keys to the house at your closing, but you’re not the only one with that key. There are copies of it all over the place.

Maybe the person who sold you the house had a dog walker, for example, and that dog walker had keys for the front door. Or, maybe a parent or friend or neighbor kept a backup set of keys in case of emergency.

That’s two potential breaches of safety.

Others with a key are probably out there, too: general contractors, painters, in-home care providers — the list goes on.

This is your house now. Change the locks immediately. Get your own keys.

Deadbolts are best, and you might have the skills to install your new locks yourself. Even still, it makes sense to hire a professional locksmith.

When you hire the job out, you know the work will be done properly and that’s important — especially when we’re dealing with home safety.

More importantly, though, move-in day will be busy for you. A lot of people will be coming in and out of the house and your attention will be pulled in a lot of directions.

When you hire a professional, that frees you up to talk with the movers, get your boxes unpacked, get directions when they’re needed, and maybe stop to eat some food.

Locksmiths are in high demand on peak moving dates, so schedule your appointment at least one week ahead of time.

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