Owning A House Is A Series Of Recurring Events

June 10, 2020 by Dan Green

Buying a house is a transaction. Owning a house, however, is a series of recurring events.

Routine maintenance, one-time repairs, and regular upkeep are integral parts of homeownership; same for home improvement and keeping a clean house.

Some of the tasks of homeownership you’ll manage on your own; you might even relish in them. Others tasks, however, you’ll prefer to hire out to specialists.

That’s completely acceptable. Just make sure you keep the “routine” in routine maintenance.

Your house’s heating and cooling system should be examined and optimized every six months, for example; and, your home’s water heater should be checked for issues annually.

The gutters on your roof should be cleaned regularly to keep them from clogging with debris; and, the exterior windows of your home should be washed at least every four months.

There are other maintenance tasks a homeowner should handle at home as well; or, schedule to have handled by a professional:

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Annual landscaping, including tree and bush pruning
  • Quarterly bug and pest extermination services
  • Annual dryer ventilation cleaning
  • As-needed driveway sealant application

Your real estate agent can make referrals to local service providers, or you can subscribe to online marketplaces such as Porch, Super, and TaskEasy which help homeowners to manage home maintenance.

The person who sells you the house may also have referrals for professionals who already know the property well.

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