Moving Companies Are First-Come, First-Served And It’ll Be Your Fault If You Can’t Get One Reserved

February 18, 2020 by Dan Green

When you’re in contract to buy a house, there’s a lot to do. One item, though, should be a priority — hire a moving company immediately.

There are only so many professional movers in town, and they work on a first-come, first-served basis; even moving trucks sell out.

Once your move-in date is gone, that’s it; hiring a mover is definitely an “act now!” process. But, finding a moving company you feel comfortable with isn’t always so easy.

There are a lot of branded company and off-brand names that fill the market; and, none are particularly well-advertised. It can be hard to know what each company stands for, and whether you’re getting a good deal.

It’s tempting to use coupons or look for discounts, but your movers will spend time alone with you, and time with your most valuable possessions.

Choose trust over cost.

Seek mover referrals from your real estate agent or from your network of friends. Listen to why a particular mover was great (or not great), and plan ahead for a successful moving day.

Plus, as a bonus for planning ahead, you might be able to reserve your mover more cheaply; certain dates reduce your overall costs by 25 percent.

In general, you save by hiring movers for:

  • The middle of a month vs. the beginning or end of a month
  • The middle of a week vs. the beginning or end of a week
  • During colder weather months vs. warmer weather months

The least expensive time to hire a moving company, then, or rent a moving truck, is a Tuesday or Wednesday in mid-January.

The most expensive time is usually the last Friday of a summer month.

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