21 Things To Help You With Buying A Home

November 06, 2020 by Dan Green

The exact details of how you buy a house will be different from how your neighbor did it; how your family member did it; or, how your best friend did it.

However, there are a series of steps that everyone follows. Here’s what you can expect as a future home buyer.

Part 1: Before You Make An Offer On A Home

  1. Visualize yourself as a homeowner
  2. Make a choice about your budget
  3. Ask a mortgage lender to double-check your numbers
  4. Connect with a good real estate agent
  5. Narrow your short list of homes
  6. Submit a formal offer to buy

Part 2: After Your Offer Gets Accepted

  1. Have the house inspected for defects and irreparable damage
  2. Hire a moving truck
  3. Get with your mortgage lender to finalize your monthly payment
  4. Get insurance to protect your house from weather-related damage
  5. Pre-order your home security system
  6. Set up your utilities, including TV, internet, electric
  7. Get your lawn care, gutter cleaning, and other services ready to go
  8. Wait, wait, wait while everyone does their jobs for you
  9. Sign your paperwork and get your keys

Part 3: Now That You’re A Homeowner

  1. Replace your locks with a locksmith
  2. Install your home security system
  3. Have your heater, A/C unit, and water heater inspected
  4. Shop for an auto insurance discount
  5. Submit a change of address to the USPS
  6. Establish auto-pay on your mortgage

Are you a first time home buyer?

Let us know if you’ve done this before - whether you’re a seasoned pro or buying for the first time. We’ll share the perfect information with you as you need it.

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