About Homebuyer

Our Story

Homebuyer launched in 2019 with a simple, important mission: to give first-time home buyers a personalized educational experience that makes them better, smarter buyers.

Our founder, Dan Green, is a long-time mortgage lender, and a respected authority on home buyer education and the pursuit of the American Dream of homeownership. 
Prior to Homebuyer, Dan founded The Mortgage Reports, a consumer-focused mortgage blog that helps millions of home buyers annually; and, he ranked among the top one percent of mortgage lenders nationwide.

Dan built Homebuyer to give today's first-time home buyers access to timely, personalized mortgage advice at any time, on any day. Homebuyer uses intelligent algorithms to deliver the exact mortgage content home buyers should be reading at the exact right moment in their journey to homeownership - from the first thought of "Should I stop renting?" to "What will happen at my closing?"

Along the way, Homebuyer uses front-line technology to make mortgage approvals painless and less expensive. The result is an incredible end-to-end home-buying experience that first-time buyers love.