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  1. An insurance claim is an official request you make to an insurance company, asking to get paid for damages. Insurance claims can be made for any reason that’s a part of your insurance policy. When you have homeowners insurance, you can make an insurance claim after a fire in your home; after there’s been theft […]

  2. As a home buyer, you don’t pay to use a real estate agent; the seller pays from its commission after the sale. It’s free for home buyers to work with real estate agents. A good real estate agent performs the following services for buyers, and more: Interprets the data you find online into market analysis […]

  3. How Long Will Your Mortgage Rate Quote Last?

    When your lender says, “you have to act quickly” is not some high-pressure sales tactic meant to make you feel fear. It’s the truth.

  4. It’s The Biggest Bounce-Back In U.S. Housing History

    Home buyers snatched up properties for sale in May as housing made its v-shaped recovery.

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