The Most Interesting & Consumer-Friendly Mortgages

November 06, 2020 by Dan Green

Who says mortgage lenders can’t be creative and unique?

The vast majority of mortgage loans made today are standardized and government-backed. The remaining segment, however, is stuffed with some of the most innovative and consumer-friendly mortgage loans on the market.

Collectively, these contemporary loans are known as portfolio loans.

Portfolio loans are loans that mortgage lenders make and then hold on their books, in a portfolio of loans.

Portfolio loans are the opposite of loans that are made with the backing of the U.S. government, through one five federal agencies.

One example of a portfolio loan is the jumbo mortgage.

In portfolio lending, mortgage lenders get to make their own rules and standards because the loans won’t be “moved” once they’re made. This lets lenders get creative, and home buyers win big.

There are a handful of portfolio loans that target specific groups of home buyers that might otherwise have a tough time get a loan, including:

  • Home buyers with a lot of saved-up cash, but not a lot of income
  • Home buyers who have just started a business
  • Home buyers in brand-new condo buildings

There other portfolio loans types, too, including targeted programs for doctors and medical residents; for buyers with low credit scores and high levels of income; and, for buyers buying a new-construction house.

There’s no common-sense scenario that a lender won’t at least consider for a portfolio loan, so don’t assume your situation is too unique to get approved.

You can’t know what’s possible until you ask.

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