Why Do People Use HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit)?

Home equity lines of credit (HELOC) are the ultimate safety valve for homeowners. For less than $100 per year, you can treat your home equity like cash for times when you absolutely need it.

March 19, 2020 by Dan Green

As a homeowner, you get access to one of life’s most stable defenses against emergency, accident, and disaster — the home equity line of credit.

A home equity line of credit is a optional mortgage that lets homeowners spend home equity like cash – for any reason, at any time. Home equity line of credit is commonly abbreviated to HELOC (“HEE-lock”), and you can ask for one at the same time you apply for your loan.

In a lot of ways, HELOCs are like credit cards.

  1. They give instant access to cash
  2. If you’re not carrying a balance, you don’t pay interest
  3. Within your limit, you can spend as much as you want

Also like credit cards, HELOCs are an emergency cash source. Through a physical check book or lender-issued debit card, homeowners can use their HELOCs to pay for large doctor bills, unexpected home repairs, or anything else necessary.

They’re are typically no fees association with getting a line of credit, and annual fees rarely exceed $50. HELOCs are an inexpensive insurance policy for the hardships we don’t expect.

You might never use your HELOC, but it’s a comfort to know it’s there.

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