Why You Need Personal Liability Coverage, Too

November 06, 2020 by Dan Green

Homeowners insurance pays cash when there’s damage to your home. However, that’s not the only type of damage which can occur in your home.

House guests and other people can fall in your home, get hurt, and need medical attention. When this happens, you’re at risk for a lawsuit and large damages.

This is why, in addition to homeowners insurance, homeowners should carry a Personal Umbrella insurance policy.

Personal Umbrella insurance goes by multiple names, depending on your insurance company:

  • Personal Liability Insurance
  • Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance
  • Personal Umbrella Policy
  • Excess Liability Policy

Personal Umbrella insurance protects against lawsuits and can help you stay solvent should a house guest fall down stairs; or, trip on a rug. And, because it’s cheap, everyone should have at least a small policy in place.

Personal Umbrella insurance protects the money you have today, and the money you’ll earn tomorrow. Don’t skip it.

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