What is Earthquake Insurance?

November 06, 2020 by Dan Green

Earthquake insurance is an insurance policy which pays cash when an earthquake damages home or property.

Earthquake insurance is available to homeowners and renters, and pays for:

  1. Repairs to a home that has been damaged in an earthquake
  2. Replacements for personal property that has been damaged in an earthquake
  3. Costs for a hotel room when an earthquake has left a home uninhabitable

Earthquakes are not covered by homeowners and renters insurance policies; nor are they included as part of your auto insurance coverage.

For protection from the effects of an earthquake, a separate earthquake insurance policy is needed.

As an example of how earthquake insurance works: when an earthquake hits and causes your garage to collapse on top of your car, it’s your car insurance policy that pays to replace your automobile. The cost of rebuilding your garage, however, is paid using cash from your earthquake insurance.

Earthquake insurance also pays cash to fix your home and its garages and sheds; to replace damaged appliances and ruined clothes; and, to put you in a hotel while your home gets repaired.

Earthquake insurance is optional. You aren’t required to use it. However, coverage should be considered by all homeowners and renters in states which are at-risk for an earthquake.

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