Buying Insurance In Bulk Like It’s The Supermarket

June 13, 2019 by Dan Green

Sometimes, the best way to get a discount is to buy in bulk. It’s true at the supermarket and, when you’re buying a house, it’s true with your insurance.

In the industry, they call it bundling

Bundling is when you buy multiple insurance policies from a single insurance company. You might have heard this referred to as the multi-line discount

Same thing.

“Multi-line” refers to multiple lines of insurance and, when you’re buying a home, it’s an excellent time to revisit all of your insurance and how much money bundling can save you.

This is because homeowners typically carry at least three separate policies — homeowners, auto, and personal liability — and the savings that come from bundling can range up to twenty-five percent overall.

Even better, bundling can make for a better customer experience. 

When your insurance is bundled, you have a single point of contact when you need to make a claim, which can be especially helpful when you have to make multiple claims at one time, such as when a storm damages your home and your car.

Instead of making two separate calls to two separate insurance companies, you’re only calling once. And, you also get access to that discount.

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