When You’re Buying A House, Reverse Engineer

April 25, 2019 by Dan Green

When you’re on your journey toward buying a house, you’ll ask yourself one particular question that every home buyer asks.

“How much house can I afford?”

It’s the starting point for close to every home search. First-time buyers, real estate investors, repeat buyers — everyone wants to know how much house they can buy for their money.

It answers the very real question of “How am I going to actually do this?”

Knowing how much house you can afford shifts your home-buying journey from The Theoretical to The Practical. It sets guidelines and clears brush from your path.

Until you know your answer, you’re only dreaming about homeownership. And you can re-frame the question to make it easier. 

Ask: “How much do I want to spend on housing each month?”

Framing your journey around monthly budgets prevents the kind of emotional decisions that can lead to financial stress.

A real estate agent can’t make you buy more house than you can afford, and a lender can’t make you borrow more money than you want to borrow.

Start with a monthly budget, reverse engineer from there, and ask for help with the math where you need it.

Are you a first time home buyer?

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